A Little Bit About Me

Hi everyone,

This blog started as a place to post new and interesting things about nature and animals, but recently I have decided to convert it into a literary site of book reviews, authors and guest blogging. I am very excited about this and hope that many book lovers will join me!

I love fantasy as well as historical fiction, having one book published, I am presently writing a couple more and enjoying the magic involved with watching a book ‘come to life’. I can’t wait to get out there, start doing reviews and meeting new authors and readers alike.

Welcome and please make yourself at home!

celt and i


11 Responses to A Little Bit About Me

  1. almond says:

    A beautiful spot; and wonderful place to be : good company, powerful leadership and delicious, adorable topics!! The journey begins….

  2. Nadia says:

    Yay! Welcome to the blogosphere, Nicua! Looking forward to reading all your thoughts, and seeing the pictures! xx

  3. t.j.s. says:

    Hey Nic, i really like ur blogspot – it’s fantastico!! i guess i wil have to call mine gotprettysheep.com….;o) vil be shekking up on jooo!!! pls do a bit of a piece on Pugs sometime…i, and my future Otis… will appreciate it

  4. Ruth says:

    Hi Nic! I’ve only just discovered your blog- it looks great! 🙂 Lovely pictures!!! keep it coming! Ruth xx
    p.s. please check out mine, called Odd Socks – I’d really appreciate the support 🙂

    • Shamira says:

      Hey Ruth! so lovely to hear from you – thanks so much! 🙂 Oh, I would love to check out your blog! didn’t know you had one! hope to maybe see you in SD when we there? hugs

  5. BUDDY JEANS says:


  6. eyesofrain says:

    Thank you for inviting me to join here and be a part of your delightful blog!

  7. Ronel says:

    Looking forward to the reviews, ideas and beauty…

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