Review Policy

Greetings to all the authors and publishers that find my humble blog – due to commitments and my career starting in a big way, I am unable to review any more books for the next while (9-12 months).

Apologies for any inconvenience and best wishes for your careers.


Gone with the fairies

Gone with the fairies


2 Responses to Review Policy

  1. Bev Stout says:

    Hi Nicua,
    I would love to request a book review, but I can only afford to ask for reviews of my e-book version. I ran a contest on Goodreads to give away paperback copies and one winner was in Australia. It cost me 4 times as much for postage as it did to get a copy of my book from CreateSpace. So let me know when you are again accepting e-books and I’ll do a submittal.

    • Shamira says:

      Hi there!
      Thanks so much for your review request, please e-mail me a blurb and a bit more information about your book such as word count, genre, etc. at around the end of August. I can understand, postage is extremely expensive, I hope I might be able to help out with a review for an e-book.
      Kind regards,

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