Book Review – Behind Locked Doors

 Behind Locked Doors by C.A.Wittchen

I would like to start out by commending this author for her enthusiasm and energy that she so clearly revealed in her work. I commend anyone who has finished writing a book and managed to get it successfully through all the processes from draft to shelf. I believe that C.A. Wittchen has a lot to offer and with a little more time, practice and experience that she can produce books that will reveal her true skill as an author.

Focusing on the book at hand I would like to start with things that I found could be improved upon. The main character reminded me quite a lot of Bella from Twilight as she was almost permanently depressed but surrounded by guys who were all clamoring for her attention and to ‘save her’ or ‘be there for her’. In real life, girls like that are not going to have tonnes of guy friends acting like that, no one really likes to be around someone depressed all the time whom never really says anything positive. I found myself liking and relating to other character a lot more than Tempest. Another thing that was mentioned once too often was Tempest getting hurt every ten minutes of reading time. It would have been quite powerful had it happened much less, but at one point you start to not care because every few pages she had blood running down her arms or legs from a drastic wound. Sometimes things are more attention grasping if they are said once (the reader will pick it up) than if they are said over and over, by this time the important issue has lost its shine and the reader’s interest has faded.

Having said that, I would like to focus a bit on the good parts. The cover was well chosen and colorful; definitely interesting and intriguing. I liked Tempest’ brother and the dynamics between them. I enjoyed the different fey creatures and the bright descriptions of the faeries and how the individuals looked. Great use of imagination. The names were also well chosen and the characters stayed relatively true to their natures. The story line is interesting and the author’s dedication to her created world can clearly be seen.




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