Book Review – A Foundation in Wisdom

It took me a rather long time to read this book, not only because it takes a lot of concentration, but there is also so much material that you can’t afford to miss out or mistake a character. There were times I had to return to a particular section to make sure of information. I find this is not so much a bother as it enhances your reading ability. You don’t just sit there mindlessly reading, you have to keep track of what is happening at all times.
I can’t say that I completely understood the book, but having said that, I found it to be quite mind-broadening and causes you to really have a different look at things. Sheridan is sometimes an incredibly annoying character, but not in an unpleasant way, much like a favorite lecturer who is always right but explains things in a total roundabout manner.
Robert Loyd Watson did a charming job of writing in a whole new style, mixing the sub-story and narrative in equal amounts – a story within a story. This book is not only an intriguing look into the mind of a mathematician, but also that of a philosopher.


About Shemer

Author who loves reading, writing, horse riding, archery, books, dancing and many other things. Fulltime Soldier and part-time wildlife management student who loves to do adventurous things and explore the real world or books in her spare time.
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