Book Review – Lions of Scotland

Lions of Scotland by Thomas E. Greenlaw

This historical novel of Scotland during the time of Henry VIII is written in a manner similar to other great classics. There is a tone and mood to the book that sets it far above others of its genre. This is a beautiful, historical account of the Humes, a strong, resilient family whose job it was to protect and warden the borderlands.

The 16th century suddenly becomes live and tangible as the reader is drawn into a maelstrom of battles, loss, love, intrigue and warring powers.

There is a gentle thread of a love story throughout the book which tugs at your heart and makes the characters so much more relatable as they experience and go through love found and lost as well as betrayal, hope and new beginnings.

Mr. Greenlaw has a descriptive skill that brings history to life as he recounts the intricate, tragic and frightening battles as well as reveals the difficult decisions and choices that the rulers had to make – which often ended in massive loss of life.
The skilled recounting of a turbulent history is captivating as well as fascinating.

I was impressed as to how the author managed to keep the characters unique and true to themselves. The dialogue was smooth and also managed to accurately represent historical Scotland throughout the book.

I loved this book, it was like reliving history through the lives of brave, valiant and determined Scots, whose love for their beautiful land and fellow men gave them bravery beyond normal means. I am proud to have this book in my library and looking forward to more books from this author.

Having some Scottish ancestry,  I appreciated the opportunity to have a glimpse into a world that my ancestors could have lived in. Although this book is quite a bit longer than the normal novel, it is well worth the read and one never gets weary of the lives, triumphs and hardships of the characters. 

Just a last note on the presentation of the book – The cover is stunning and perfectly suits the whole feel for the book. Included are maps, a representation of a coat of arms as well as photos and other additions. These all add to the quality of the book and also are proof of the care and devotion of the author for his work.



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