Author Interview – Laura Franklin

Laura Franklin, the author of an exciting, thrilling new novel, ‘Rise from the Ashes: Lena’s Story’ is on Terraverum today for an author interview. We will get to understand more about the author behind the story, as well as what we can expect from this novel as well as others in the future.

Where did your idea for ‘Rise From the Ashes’ come from?
It was probably an accumulation of ideas that were floating around for some time associated with end of society, new government, etc.
Are the characters based on people you know or purely imagination?
Mostly imagination.
Do you recognize yourself in one or more of your characters?
Small parts of me in each of them, but not too much.
Your book cover is very interesting and involved, did you design it?
No, I commission artwork but it is based on a scene in the book.
What is the most important aspect of your book and is there a specific message you are trying to getacross?
Even if everything breaks down, human relationships persist and are worth saving, as well as civilization.
If your main character could ask you one question, what do you think it would be?
Why don’t you do more to try to change the status quo of the civilization?
Could you tell us a little more about your book please?
Let me just state it this way: the book talks about the victory of humanity against catastrophe and about the uncrushable flexibility of the human spirit despite tragedy and disaster.
What was the writing process like for you?
Fun but meticulous, tiring but rewarding.
What advice would you give to up-and-coming authors?
I, myself is a newbie in this kind of business. And I guess if you’re really passionate on what you’re doing and want the world to read your masterpieces, then you should never give up. Be patient and be willing to make sacrifices.
Do you require a specific atmosphere when you write?
Very quiet. I like libraries that have a quiet floor where you can’t talk on the phone.
What group of readers do you think would enjoy your book?
I think it will be enjoyed by any group of readers because everyone can relate to it since it has different characters showing off different traits. However, I think it has a huge impact to Young Adult – Adventure readers.
What authors have inspired you?
Hemingway, Christopher Pike, Stephen King, Tim Ferriss, so many others…
Where is your book available for purchase?
It is available on Amazon.
And lastly – can we look forward to any new projects from you?
Yes, absolutely. I am currently working on the second part of the series, Rise From The Ashes. So hope you can check it out when it comes out.

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