Book Review – Absolution’s Curse

Absolution’s Curse by C.L. Blanton

The story opens as Frank, a well-skilled con and gambler, in a series of unplanned events, finds himself where it all started so many years ago. St.Louis is sick, cholera is killing people left and right, and Frank finds himself unwelcome and under attack as he is targeted for his father’s debts.

Frank desperately wants to start a ‘new life’, and leaves his cheating past behind to try his hand at finding gold in California. During this time Frank is almost killed by thugs, meets a pastor and unwillingly finds himself in the middle of an inferno. Frank seems to have a very unlucky streak.  Wherever he goes death quickly follows, often by his own hand, many times as the result of an accident.

There is a twist to the story when Frank falls off a cliff, and he finds himself in a strange land where a portal can transport him from one reality to another. Frank has no idea what is going on, but a group of Indians appoints one of their own to ‘fix’ the situation. There is a heavy curse on Frank’s back, and he doesn’t know if he can find the forgiveness he so desperately needs.

The book is an interesting read, but often, especially near the middle, I found myself confused and thrown about in the story. There are new characters introduced in a different setting every now and again, and although I understand and appreciate what the author was attempting to get across, it was a bit overwhelming. There are several spelling errors and a few unclear parts in which the killing became a bit much.

Other than that, Absolutions Curse was a pleasant read and I am curious to see how the next book resolves the issues and if Frank finally finds the forgiveness he seeks.

Absolution’s Curse stays with you long after the last page is turned, and as you think of the book and the circumstances within it, you begin to realize the immense burden Frank actually has to bear.

I appreciate the themes of forgiveness in this book and there is an undertone of unquenchable hope that helps you relate to Frank, even though his actions are often far from pleasant. I will be looking out for more books from C.L. Blanton in the future.




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