Untainted Silence

I have never had such a sense of pure silence as I did today. Ticking another item off my ‘mission list’ (my name for a bucket list) I went skydiving today. Falling from 14,000 feet is an amazing experience; just the sheer wonder of it leaves no place for fear or nerves. When the free-fall was over and the parachute jerked us up into a state of soaring I was able to take stock of my surroundings. What struck me first was the silence – I have never heard such pure, complete, intense silence. It was the absence of sound and the beauty of the moment was astounding; it is branded into my memory. Just floating in the sky with the glorious earth below and the sapphire heavens above – I was so far away from everything that I were detached for a moment from the goings on of earth. The view stretched out to see the curvature of the earth and every second of the untainted silence was precious. More than ever I envy eagles and other birds, not only have they the gift of flight, but also of this newfound ‘magic’. I understand now why people become almost addicted to the sport – it is more than defying the laws of nature, it is being free, unburdened and able to appreciate life and the world in a whole new way.



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About Shemer

Author who loves reading, writing, horse riding, archery, books, dancing and many other things. Fulltime Soldier and part-time wildlife management student who loves to do adventurous things and explore the real world or books in her spare time.
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