Book Review – Child of the Mist (These Highland Hills book 1)

Child of the Mist (These Highland Hills book 1) by Kathleen Morgan

When I first bought this kindle edition and downloaded it, it must have sat in my collection for around a year, my kindle program stopped working and just recently I reopened it. Right from the start I was caught up in the story and within three days I had gobbled it up.

The heroine, Anne MacGregor, is a strong-minded, determined young woman who has devoted her life so far to healing and caring for the ill. There are whispers that she is a witch, but superstition is rife in the windswept, wild highlands of Scotland. Quite unexpectedly and by a sudden and strange turn of events, Anne finds herself handfasted to the chief of a clan that has been feuding with her family for eight years. Leaving her home, herbs and all she knows and loves, Anne travels to Niall Campbell’s castle and although he is kind and protective, his people have growing suspicion and fears about the stories of her being a witch. Niall is still mourning the loss of his first wife, and struggles to come to terms with the new treaty as well as the realization that there is a traitor in their midst – suddenly not able to trust anyone, Niall loses faith in even his most trusted friends. Anne is forced to give up her healing and has more than one close call with death. She holds onto her faith and relies on God’s grace to get her through the struggles and hatred that surround her.

Skillfully woven and well written, I found this historical fiction to draw me in and hold my attention the whole way through. It was obvious from the start who the traitor was, but that didn’t detach from the worry you felt as the characters wrongly assumed who was the traitor. You can never go wrong with a tall, ruggedly handsome scottish warrior and the Christian faith element really made this story something special. I am looking forward to getting my hands on the next book.

Four stars for this book ****



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