Many people believe their dreams are too big and their lives too small. Believing that they will never see their dreams come true and as life goes on, they begin to replace their wonderful, life-changing dreams with small, mediocre plans that they trick themselves into believing are their new dreams. Speaking to a friend the other day, we began to dredge up old memories, old dreams that we had as children. That magical time when anything and everything is possible. I have two thoughts on this matter. 1. Dreams are like a beautiful ball gown, you can look at it, marvel at it and wish it would fit when you are a child, but you have to wait until you grow into it to fully appreciate and showcase the dress to its potential. Sometimes it is not the size of the dream that is the problem, but the size of our minds. Give yourself a little time to grow, but at the same time, don’t forget to keep hold of that dream. 2. People are always saying that dreams don’t come true – sure, life is not a fairytale and many times life will rather throw you something unpleasant, but sometimes we make the mistake of expecting unpleasant and not hoping and waiting for the good. When the good comes along and our dream has the chance to take wing, we often are too worried or afraid, waiting for the next disaster.

I was just wondering how many big and beautiful dreams are out there, maybe some you have forgotten and need to find again. I’m putting on my travel boots, packing two extra handkerchiefs (thanks to Bilbo’s reminders) and grabbing my butterfly net – it’s time to catch those dreams.  Image


About Shemer

Author who loves reading, writing, horse riding, archery, books, dancing and many other things. Fulltime Soldier and part-time wildlife management student who loves to do adventurous things and explore the real world or books in her spare time.
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