I feel strongly about many things, but nothing breaks my heart as much as animal cruelty. It is the most horrible degradation of humanity – to the point I am ashamed of being human.

Some people say they don’t care about animals, but when you ask them if they have ever looked into an animal’s eyes they always say no, they havn’t. How can you speak of what you do not know?

One day we will have to pay for all the hurt, pain and suffering our society has caused, I wonder how the world can keep turning, how beauty can still exist when such atrocities are taking place against our fellow souls?

We damage lives, lives that we have no right to govern; we take away the freedom, life and existence of other beings to satisfy our greed for money. We have seriously failed in our duty to protect those weaker than us, those that depend on us…we have gone far beyond failing…

To just name a couple of organisations that actively abuse animals are horse-racing industries and the factory animal farms. Cruelty is just the beginning as innocent lives are carelessly damaged, abused and destroyed for profit, money and pride. When did the quality of a life begin depending on how much profit can be made from it?

Each and every creatures deserves a quality of life – with all the technology and science we now have, why are animals still cooped up in degrading pens and cages in horrendous circumstances?

What gives us the right or even the desire to torture other souls, to deny them basic things, like freedom, sunshine and care?

I don’t know if this will ever be stopped, or if any amount of fighting will make a difference, but this is all we can do. Try to protect those creatures that depend on us and do our best to assure them lives of safety and freedom. We must never stop fighting, because if we give this battle up – hope for humanity is all but lost…


About Shemer

Author who loves reading, writing, horse riding, archery, books, dancing and many other things. Fulltime Soldier and part-time wildlife management student who loves to do adventurous things and explore the real world or books in her spare time.
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