Feathers and Fur

To do my own little thing for Animal Month, I thought it would be nice to make a small little record of the animals that have been part of my life. (I won’t be able to do all of them, but these were my personal companions… I don’t like saying ‘pets’) 🙂

Polly – My first budgerigar. She was light blue with grey wings and a white head. I got her when I was about 5 and my sister, at the same time, got a little solid blue budgie with a dark grey head named Poopsie. Polly was not the friendliest bird, but she was so cute and was my first ‘pet’, sitting on my shoulder and running around on my bed at play time. She bit me more times than I can count, but I will always remember her. Sadly her fate was not pleasant at all (as far as fates go) because one day, as Poopsie and she were playing outside on the grass, and eagle got her. 😦

Puny – A little runt I picked out from a nest of hamsters at our doctor’s house. Our doctor’s kids had  ‘Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamsters’ and they had recently had babies, so we were invited to go over and choose one each. Without my dad’s consent, we rushed over to the doctor’s house and my sister and I each picked out a lil critter. There were so many, but I could not resist the small little runt, half the size of his comrades. My dad was not pleased at first, but Casper and Puny soon became a part of the family. Casper escaped after a few years, but Puny stayed on, each night running kilometers on the small and squeaky pink wheel in his cage. It was a very sad day when we found his stiff, cold body in a small lifeless bundle inside his potplant house, but he had outlived the normal age by many years. The life expectancy of hamsters is around 2 and a half years at the most, I had Puny for around 5-6 years!

Cheeky Banana (Pisang) – I got her just after Polly died, Poopsie needed a companion and I also needed a new friend. Travelling to Nelspruit, we went to a nice petshop and the usual butterflies and excitement accompanied us. The big cage was full of a multi-chromatic flutter of budgies – there were so many to choose from! I crouched down and at the bottom, squashed against the side bars, pecked by the other was an adorable, neglected little budgie. She had a bright yellow head, grey wings and a bright blue body – I immediately loved her. The owner tried to change my mind, but I wanted that ‘special’ one, and soon enough we were on our way home with ‘Pisang’ in a box. On the way, I could not wait any longer and let her out of the box, I expected the usual flutter and panic, but she just climbed onto my shoulder and sat there, contentedly the rest of the way. She was one of the best friends I have ever had and I will never forget her…

Dazzle – My beautiful Arabian horse!!! I will keep his story for another day, because there is too much to tell, but since my ninth year, he has been a constant friend, amazing companion and fellow adventurer. He has comforted me, cheered me up and we have had the most amazing and fun times together.

Toffee – My wolf :-). Just before getting Dazzle, Tenique and I travelled with my parents to Pretoria to pick out two German Shepherd puppies. This is another long story that deserves more space – I’ll try to cover it later. Toffee was the most beautiful dog, with black satin coat and chocolate eyes, and a heart so full of devotion and loyalty. I don’t deserve to have known a soul like her’s but I will be always grateful that I had that opportunity, and she will always be in my heart.

Gwaihir (Noomby)– My first big bird! We had an African Grey while growing up, but after he very sadly passed away, I was allowed to get my very own. Choosing him from a group of other tiny, perfect little parrots, it was love at first sight. Sleeping in my room on his little perch every night and being an almost constant companion as I did school, often attacking my pencil and completely destroying my rubber. He had to stay behind when I moved, but he is a loved and spoiled part of a special family now and although he does not act the same, I think he still remembers me when I visit him. Hopefully one day Noomby will be part of my life again – I miss him…

Fiery Celt – My big, adorable thoroughbred. He joined our family at 4 years of age and with his big heart and clumsy ways, he soon became a much loved addition. He and Dazz are now best friends and they have both taught me so much as we have grown up together. He might have a bad temper at times, but he is honest to a fault and is not afraid to show his feelings.

Moocher and Estrella – a pair of cute cockatiels that started out just as Moocher, as a companion for Noomby, but he did not care for a feathered friend, and so, Estrella was brought in. They certainly knew how to scream, but with their adorable crests and orange blush, were a treasured part of the household.

This is not counting the strays and injured wildlife that I was lucky enough to help, hopefully I can do something on them at a later stage.

P.S. Planning to add some other photos later – have to first find them 🙂



About Shemer

Author who loves reading, writing, horse riding, archery, books, dancing and many other things. Fulltime Soldier and part-time wildlife management student who loves to do adventurous things and explore the real world or books in her spare time.
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