Ponyhood part 3

This story is quite a bit further down the time line than the first two. This is already when I had had my own horse for many years, a beautiful Arabian, and also a few years later gotten another horse, a lovable thoroughbred. Dazzle and Celt will feature a lot in later stories since I have spent more of my life with Dazz than without him, having gotten him when I was nine and still blessed to have him in my life. Celt came along when I was fourteen and he is also still a special part of the family.

This story takes place in Malkerns valley on Luyengo, remainder of farm 6. I have mentioned this house in a previous post, the one among the mango trees. It was a charming place, and home for a couple of years. Most afternoons I would go riding, a wonderful pastime that I miss immensely. Sometimes my sister would go with me, and then we would somehow have to take all 3 horses. I had  trained my two to go out by themselves with no issue, persuading them to rely on me to take them only nice places, have fun, and bring them back home again to their friends. That day I decided to ride Dazz, Tenique was up on T’amour, and with us came Celt. This was a bit of a struggle because Celt attempted to kick Dazz or T’amour should we attempt to lead him beside us, so luckily, my mom said she would come with for a walk and lead Celt.

So after tacking up and clipping on Celt’s lead, we were off. The ride was as lovely as usual, a nice trot along the sugarcane field edge and a good gallop up the waterway in the pineapple fields. We might have even found a log or two to jump on our way. The afternoon was beginning to fade into evening and we decided to start making our way home – my dad would be back soon and expected us to have a cup of tea ready after his long day at work. After crossing the stream that ran from the dam, down the hill to the marsh, we decided to let Celt off his lead – he was angry at being held back and needed a little trot and buck to get it out of his system. It was safe enough, there was just a tilled field on which he could run, and further up the road, was the gate to enter the grove and go up to the house. He knew this path, having done it hundreds of times before, he would also not leave Dazz and T’amour, so we felt that everything would go perfectly find.

Then it happened… two teenager calves appeared up ahead – and Celt was off. He has always had a strange fascination with goats, sheep and cows, whenever he sees them he chases them in the most curious fashion. There he went thundering off on his long, racing legs with Dazzle and I in hot pursuit. He had me worried, the calves were beyond the gate and if he continued following the fence, he would be on one side of a field, straight across from a busy road. My mom and Tenique shouted after me that they would head on home and see if he would come back the other way. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or what, because when Celt reached the calves, and they realized he was not going to stop, they both took off with shocked faces, mooing desperately. Celt reached them and grabbing hold of one’s tail, vanished out of sight beyond the edge of the fence line… a blur of two cows, hooves, and a crazy thoroughbred. I was then rather stressed, Dazzle had his ears pricked and was looking after the strange show with a look of complete surprise, he had never thought cows were worth chasing…

When we turned round the corner, I drew Dazz to a walk and stood up in the stirrups, searching the field… no Celt and no cows. Thankfully he hadn’t gone to the road, that was good news, but I had to find him before he got into a scuffle with an overprotective dog or losing interest in the cows decided to run to the road anyway. Thoroughbreds are like that – they look for ways to hurt themselves or get into trouble. We walked along the path while I was calling Celt’s name at the top of my lungs, and after each call, Dazz did a deep, husky neigh, helping all he could. We went on like that for the whole length of the property, Dazz backing up my human call with his equine one. About ten minutes later we were back at the house, not having seen him the whole way… and guess who was inside, by his stable waiting for supper, not a worry in the world… Celt. I can tell you, Dazz was not impressed. He had almost neighed himself hoarse…(lol) and his naughty ‘little brother’ was safe and sound. I never found out what happened to the cows, but my best guess is that Celt lost interest along the way and decided it would be much more fun to go home and wait for supper.

Dazzle 🙂

Celt - my funny boy



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