New Chapter

Maybe it is just my fixation with books, or maybe it is because our lives seem to follow a similar lay-out to a novel that I see chapters begin and end in my life. It used to distress me when something ended, I didn’t want to lose it, be it a friendship or anything else that had reached it’s expiry date. I would try to hang onto it and revive it, trying to breath life into something that no longer lived. Then I began to realize that things come and go, chapters in our lives begin and they end. It has even been a comfort to me a few times when I could tell myself, ‘It will pass, everything passes.’ Unfortunately this is for both good and bad things, a rough day is awful in the moment, but it will pass. Similarly with a wonderful moment, soon enough, it will just be a fond memory that most people would have already forgotten.

We must learn to turn the pages when we reach the end of a chapter. When we reach the last line of a certain chapter, we don’t page back and reread it over and over, for then it begins to lack uniqueness and excitement, we rather page on and eagerly continue the journey. This should carry through with us in life too. When a chapter in your life comes to a close, don’t pause or cry about it ending, turn the page and discover a whole new adventure. Who knows how many chapters they have in their lives, but wouldn’t you rather know that you read the entire book than just review the same part over and over?


About Shemer

Author who loves reading, writing, horse riding, archery, books, dancing and many other things. Fulltime Soldier and part-time wildlife management student who loves to do adventurous things and explore the real world or books in her spare time.
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