Abominable Snowman of the Sea

This creature is so weird and wonderful it actually seems to belong more in myth than marine environment! The yeti crab is so unusual that a whole new family of creature had to be created to classify it. Kiwas Hirsatu was found on the ocean floor, 2,300 metres down in the Pacific Ocean around some 1,500km south of Easter Island.

This amazing creature still remains quite a mystery to scientists, its hairy pincer arms host colonies of bacteria, which it may cultivate for food, for protection from toxic fluids issuing from nearby volcanic vents, or perhaps as ‘sensors’ to help this blind creature find a mate. These crabs cluster around the volcanic vents, probably enjoying the warmth that they provide. Scientists are currently studying and attempting to learn more about this amazing creature and the unique environment in which he lives.

information and pic taken from National Geographic

Snowman of the Sea




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