Scallywag of the Ocean

I have loved the Beluga whales since the first time I clapped eyes on them a few years ago in a book on marine life. They seem to encapsulate the joyful, funloving side of the great deep with their adorable eyes and cheeky ways. Often referred to as sea canaries because of their high-pitched twitter, they grow up to 5 metres!

Like most toothed whales, the Beluga has a melon – an oily fatty lump of tissue found at the centre of the forehead. The Belugas’s melon is very bulbous and malleable, he is able to change the shape of his head by blowing air around in his sinuses – what a fantastic fellow! 🙂

Unlike many other dolphins and whales, the vertebrae in the neck are not fused to each other, allowing the Beluga to turn his head laterally. Another  littel special tidbit is that the tail of the Beluga grows and becomes increasingly ornately curved as the animal ages.

Some more interesting and cute facts about this sea creature is that it often spits at humans or other whales as a joke, often drenchign their aquarium handlers just for the fun of it. These little critters are also able to offer a wide range of facial expressions, allowed by their unfused vertebra.

These wonderful whales have another side to their cheeky natures, turning hero when the occasion calls for it. The US and Russian Navies use belugas in anti-mining operations in Arctic waters. In one instance, a captive beluga brought a cramp-paralyzed diver from the bottom of the training pool up to the surface by holding the female diver’s foot in its mouth, certainly saving her life.

The Belugas are able to blow bubbles underwater, to see this and singing Belugas, follow the links below! 🙂

blowing a bubble




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One Response to Scallywag of the Ocean

  1. Nadia says:

    Oh my! They are of my favourites as well! Love their rubbery little faces 🙂

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