A Dark Future

The black rhino is a wonderful, misunderstood creature that seems to date back to the prehistoric era. Hunted mercilessly for their horns, these animals are close to extinction, every day bringing them closer to this unacceptable fate.

Interesting tidbit (Taken from Bagheera.com)

‘An extinct species of rhino that lived in Mongolia, (Baluchitherium grangeri), was the largest land mammal of all time. This hornless rhinoceros stood 18 feet (five and one-half meters) at the shoulder, was 27 feet (eight meters) long, and probably weighed 25 tons (23 metric tons), four times as much as today’s African bull elephant.’

Another interesting fact is that this bulky, sometimes moody creature is believed to be the basis for the ‘unicorn’ myth. As Marco Polo discribed these creatures in his book as large unicorns.

The rate of disappearance is devastating, a recent survey has revealed that less than 2,500 black rhinos still exist in pockets in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania. The slaughter continues, and seems to go unchecked as poachers invade and steal the lives of these magnificent creatures.

The rhino horn as been in demand since the 5th Century B.C where it was considered to render some poisons harmless and in Borneo it was believed to have powerful effects in traditional medicine. In the 1970’s ‘brave’ young men coveted elaborately decorated rhino horn-handled daggers – a sign of riches and power. And this pattern goes on and on through the years, just getting worse and worse.

Having a ban placed on selling and buying rhino horn has had no effect, the profits are so great that chances are constantly taken and the slaughter continues. Those few that are left are kept under constant guard, but this is no great deterrent, the guards are disposed of and the horns still taken.

Already 117 black rhinos have been poached this year alone, last year left 448 carcasses in its wake.

This inhumane, evil practice has to stop. Awareness must be spread and this act must not only be unlawful and illegal, but unacceptable in every way.

First picture is taken from Environment Africa

this should not be happening

next pic is how black rhinos have the right to look.

this is right





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Author who loves reading, writing, horse riding, archery, books, dancing and many other things. Fulltime Soldier and part-time wildlife management student who loves to do adventurous things and explore the real world or books in her spare time.
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