Horse Racing

Such a contravercial subject. In the past I have received hate-mail for voicing my thoughts to ‘important’ members of this ‘sport’. So few people are actually aware of the cruelty and abuse that goes on behind the glamour and glitz. So many lives are deemed no more useful than expendable objects. Huge numbers of magnificent, unique horses are sent every year to the slaughter house at young ages. Here they undergo harsh and cruel treatment, dehydration, starvation and abuse.Bred, trained, used and discarded when they show no ‘potential’. How can one judge the potention of an individual with no true test? Imagine how many talented jumpers, dressage horses and companions are terminated just because they were not ‘good enough’ for this damaging sport.

It breaks my heart that such magestic creatures that have proven their loyalty, strength, commitment and love countless times throught the ages are treated no better than trash. Throughout history, hoofprints walk beside those of man, why can we not respect those who have given us so much and shared with us hundreds of years?

Horse racing needs to stop, one way or another. Thoroughbreds are marvelous rides, and  I don’t support the idea that the breed will die-out if horse-racing does. This breed is wonderful for so many different disciplines, let them have a chance to show their worth in other ways than charging madly down a strip of grass to win their greedy owners more money.

excerpt taken from ‘The Telegraph’ as well as following picture.

“With Maybe Better, The Fuzz and Gallic all ruled out of the Melbourne Cup, Bay Story collided with Bling Bling about 140m from the finish line, sending both animals crashing through the barriers.

Bling Bling lay motionless on the track, but Bay Story tragically staggered on towards the line with its crushed left hind leg sagging underneath.”


horse cruelty

nightmare unfolding

nightmare cruelty on the track


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