Pre-order for and Exciting New Release

And we are on the count down clock, 38 days till book 1, part 1 of the N Days drops. Get your pre-sale order down now.

You won’t want to miss out on this nail-biting fantasy thriller!


In a world gone terribly wrong, Where the monsters of our deepest nightmares have come alive.

One girl is on a journey to find Sanctuary in America.

These are the N Days.

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New Books

It was an exciting weekend for me, finding a bookshop with the most amazingly priced books! I spent about an hour in there and left with 8 books and a huge smile on my face. Almost nothing makes me as happy as holding an armful of books, so much that I’ve thought up a new word. Like a collective of zebra is called a ‘dazzle’, I’ve decided that an armful of books is called a ‘hug’ or alternatively an ’embrace’.

Here are a few of the wonderful titles of the books that I’m looking forward to really getting to know soon!

‘Joseph Anton, a Memoir’ by Salman Rushdie

‘The Red Circle’ by Brandon Webb

‘Warriors’ by Max Hastings


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Appetite for books

I have read literally hundreds of books so far in my life. My parents and friends joke about it and say it’s sort of an ‘obsession’ but it’s more a passion, a passion to explore more worlds and lives and adventures than is possible in this mortal body constrained by money and laws and visas, etc.

I have traveled to Middle Earth, Narnia, Avalon, Fortrui, Sevenwaters and hundreds of other magical places, met creatures and characters of every flavour and nature and it has been glorious.

But over the last few years I have found my appetite has become more and more selected when I read. Before I just about read anything, it was as if I just needed the ‘fix’ of a story and to be lost in another world. To have an adventure in a day that left me breathless and my head full of dreams.

But as time passes I find that I have begun to change. I need books that hold my attention, that feed my mind and trap me within their pages. And I can honestly say that it is extremely difficult. For once you have tasted Tolkien and London, Marillier and Lewis, among many others, you get a taste for something above the mundane.

I think another reason might be that I have become aware of how short life is and how each day is priceless, and reading is a time-consuming activity – I wish to make my days count, I do not wish to read something that doesn’t somehow enrich or inspire me.

So, I am on a perpetual search of something more, something wonderful that will make me feel the same way I always do when I read the Silmarillion or Sevenwaters book.


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Book Review – The Apprentice

The Apprentice by Theo Knell

Having read Theo’s previous book, an autobiography ‘A Hell for Heroes’, I was very keen to read more from this engaging author. I was not disappointed in the least and finished the book in a weekend. ‘The Apprentice’ is a story of Alex Keyes – an ex-Olympian whom is forced to become a spy. But there is so much more to the story than this, an engaging depth that draws you in.

Alex is a strong, lethal fighter but who also has a very human side which tends to cause him degrees of pain and concern. This is what I love about Mr. Knell’s writing and his character – the range of understandable and relate-able emotion as well as a story that doesn’t follow the same blueprint as those in similar genres.

The story follows Alex on a secret mission behind the Iron Curtain – a journey that will test all his skills and make him question whom he really is as he is forced to almost change identity to make his way across the harsh land and help him survive several hitmen.

I can’t wait for the next installment in this series and would recommend it to anyone, regardless of their preferred genre, for an engrossing, enjoyable read.


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Reviewing Reboot

Important announcement – I will start taking requests again for book reviews. I will update the requirements as soon as possible.

More to follow! Apologies to those who contacted me in the mean time, I have not been able to keep up with all the e-mails but I will try to keep a good eye on them from now on.

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Seaside Monochromatic Photography




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Book Review – Barefoot Soldier

Barefoot Soldier by Johnson Beharry VC

This is an extremely inspiring book about the life and heroic acts of Johnston Beharry VC.

Having being born in Grenada, one of eight children of a poor island family, Johnson had a hard childhood with an alcoholic father and hardly enough food and resources to keep the family going. From a young age he showed care for others that went beyond personal comfort and a bravery that stayed with him.

In 1999, unsure of his future or the extent of his dreams to work on cars, Beharry made his way to England to join some friends and extended family. While there he enlisted into the Princess of Wale’s Royal Regiment.

The book then goes on to follow his experience in training and on deployment. His selfless acts of bravery in combat resulted in serious head injuries, but Johnson, showing the inner strength that soldiers carry, went on to fight his way back to health.

Then, being awarded the Victoria Cross for valour by the Queen of England, Johnson’s acts were recognized by the world.

This book is an interesting look into the life of a Grenadian as well as a touching recount of family be it blood or military family. A spell-binding narrative about the acts of a brave man that set him apart.


required brain surgery for his head injuries, and he was still recovering when he was awarded the VC in March 2005

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